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My name is Ella. I am an ephemeral freak but I'm going to try this. I have been online for a little while now. Actually, before I tell you more about me, I want to ask you, please, if you see or if you know of my friend River I desperately want you to call me. I am still looking for them. Ok so, today I live and work from DARP, an artist community and resident program in an ex-Steiner school that I co-founded and facilitate. We live by harmony and autonomy, song, love and light. I am most interested in roleplay and playing together right now. In fact, I run a one-on-one performance game under the guise of a date. A simulated date if you will. You are always welcome to play with me. I made a commercial for it. It is a pre-roll advert on YouTube but you can see it here... I draw every single day. I believe in it truly. With my friend Jaana, I run an OnlyFans page. It is a place for performance and sharing some digital media that we create. Here is a preview, a FREE fungible thingy With my friends across the ocean, in the USA, I collaborated on these two projects: NoPaint and Whistlegraph. I'm not so involved with them right now (...artistic differences...) but that is still part of my world. Once I started an art gallery out of an e-cigartte shop, it was called 650mAh. We did quite well. I really like designing systems for people to play and practice in, with me or without me. And I like to teach people how they can make those systems for themselves. The world is coming to a funny time now. Everything is getting so quick. We are getting more detatched, more simple, high concept and shiny. The digital world makes it hard to breath. I hope we can slow down together and remember how to love our bodies.

Love, Ella ❀ ➳

p.s please keep AI out of education

Some older things you might like (2016 & before):
two white shirts rub shoulders
a stolen photograph I blew up and pasted on one of the busiest roads in England
dust I collected from London Underground stations
an old piece of old writing
drawings of deflated balls
a party
Once I transcribed passerby's movements into a dance and a drawing
I also used to make networks out of silicone
pictures of politicans run through Google Translate's app